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Rainer Jueckstock

I'm a passionate photographer inspired by the beauty of nature, both locally and globally. My lens tries to capture the magic of the world around us, from the intricate details of a frog's eye to the vastness of a savannah. Through my photography, I aim to share the wonder and importance of preserving our environment and wildlife.

Born in Germany, I have lived together with my wife, Heidi, and our lovely three kids in America for over 20 years. We love our lake home in Bloomfield Hills, the wonderful nature here in Michigan, and the large, diverse, and colorful country. An engineer by education, I served early in my career for several years in the military. For more than three decades, I traveled the world as an executive in the automotive industry.


My retirement in 2023 gave me the opportunity to turn my lifelong hobbies - photography and travel - into full-time passions.

Let me take you on a journey and show you the world as I see it through my camera.

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